Ticket to Ride

Fall 2021


The goal of this project was to design a board game based on an art or design movement or individual designers. For my game, I chose to redesign Ticket to Ride, a cross-country train adventure game. I based my version off of the original designs of the London Underground, created by Edward Kauffer and Edward Johnston. This project required research into both design history and the history of the London Underground. The pieces for the game were also 3D printed to match the original game.

Game Selection

For my board game design I decided to adapt the game Ticket to Ride, a cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout the world across different versions of the game. For my adaptation I wanted to base it around the original London Underground branding by Edward Kauffman and Edward Johnston.


The inspiration for this project was taken from original maps, signs, tickets, and booklets. By tracing back the design of the London Underground I was able to find inspiration for how the board should be designed.

Logo Design

While the name of the board game would remain the same, I wanted the branding to reflect the aesthetic I was going for, which included redesigning the logo. Shown here is an exploration of typefaces, along with a recreation of the original roundel logo.

Visual Language

The visual language is reflective of both the Underground branding and board game design. The colors come from the original Underground map, while the icons have more influence from the original board game.


In my first draft I considered making use of the map from the existing London version of the game. This proved difficult and would not be accurate to the time period the game was meant to be set in (1915-1930), as some of the names of the stations had changed.

To create a more accurate map to the London Underground of the early 20th century I found a map of the railways from that time. I then used the routes to create the outline for my board game. This also gave me more time period appropriate station names.

Final Design

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