Spring 2021

Interface Design
User Experience

The goal of this project was to develop an app design that serves a specific purpose or solves a user problem. My app serves the purpose of helping divers find reefs and dive sites in their area. Functions include site reviews, maps, and species guides.


As part of the design process for this app I created wireframes to guide the final design process. These wireframes explored the features and specific aspects of the app the user flow would be touching on.

These low fidelity wireframes were created in XD based on hand-drawn sketches.

Visual Language

Part of this project was the branding of the app. For the visual language I wanted to invoke the energy and vibrance of life in the ocean. The main color is a dark ocean blue, with bright colors reminiscent of safety signage. The icons were created custom for this project in order to have a cohesive language.

Final Prototype

Enjoy a walkthrough of the final user flow.

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