Summer 2021


During the summer of 2021 I completed an internship with CarGurus, an online platform for buying and selling new and used cars. In my position as Graphic Design Intern for the B2B Marketing Department I completed projects that made use of social media, digital advertising, and branding.

Social Media

Although I worked in B2B marketing for most of my internship, I did help with B2C work as well. I designed these posts throughout my time at CarGurus.

Navigate ‘21

One of the major projects during my time at CarGurus was working on the annual automotive conference held by CarGurus, Navigate '21. After being given the event brand guidelines by my art director, I applied the branding to a variety of deliverables.

Navigate ‘21: Value Icons

In order to communicate to potential attendees the value of the conference, I was tasked with creating a series of icons that would be displayed on the homepage of the conference site.

Navigate ‘21: Ads

I applied the branding to create these ads for social media.

Intern Project: Top Rated Dealer

As my final intern project I was charged with redesigning the assets for the annual Top Rated Dealer campaign. The new design was an exploration of what the campaign could be without the restrictions of the CarGurus brand. To create something that felt real, I used many of the CarGurus brand elements but explored how they could be applied more freely. Shown here is the original badge and asset designs.

New Design

The new design was loosely based on the design of the older badge. I brought in the star element to emphasize the reviews that the awards are based on. The badge needed to be flexible for application to the other version, allowing the frame to stretch to fit the French version of the award for Canada.

To bring in the CarGurus brand, I took inspiration from some of the new brand elements, including the pattern shown below. I adapted this pattern and added small stars to tie in the Top Rated Dealer theme.

Final Badge Design

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